Fréjus Meeting

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Meeting program

18 March Morning: planetesimals

- 07:45 breakfast
- 09:30 welcome/making discussion groups/coffee
- 09:45 review by A. Johansen
- 10:30-12:00 short 10 min planetesimal talks (chair Troels Haugbølle):
-- Leonardo Krapp: Simulations of Multi-Species Protoplanetary Disks
-- Martin Pessah: Linear and non-linear Multi-Species Streaming Instability
-- George Mamatsashvili: Planetesimal formation in self-gravitating discs
-- Wladimir Lyra: 3D Global Model of Streaming Instability
-- Urs Schäfer: Turbulence Driven by the Streaming Instability in Global Simulations of Protoplanetary Disks
-- Bryce Bolin: Prospecting for the original planetesimals
- 12:00 discussion on the planetesimal session
- 12:30 lunch

18 March Afternoon: cosmochemistry and composition

- 14:00 review by M. Bizzarro
- 14:45 coffee
- 15:15-17:00:  short 10 min cosmochemistry and composition talks (Chair Seth Jacobson)
-- Guy Libourel: New ideas about chondrule formation
-- James N. Connelly: Chronology of the Solar System’s first solids
-- Martin Schiller: Iron isotope evidence for very rapid accretion and differentiation of the proto-Earth
-- Laura Bouvier: Evidence for extremely rapid magma ocean crystallization and crust formation on Mars
-- David Rubie: Chemical gradients in the protoplanetary disk
-- Tristan Guillot: Jupiter's heavy elements: Constraints and questions
- 17:00-17:30 discussion on cosmochemistry
- 17:30-19:00 discussion groups meet up
- 19:00 dinner

19 March Morning: protoplanetary discs and planet formation

- 09:00 review A. Morbidelli
- 09:45 coffee
- 10:15-12:00: short 10 min talks
-- Lopez Bruno: Recent news on the MATISSE instrument and perspective of observation of protoplanetary disks
-- Oliver Gressel: Magneto-thermal winds launched from weakly-ionized protoplanetary disks
-- Troels Haugbølle & Philipp Weber: Probing the protosolar disk using dust filtering of the gas giants in the early Solar System
-- Pablo Benítez-Llambay: Planet-Disk Interaction in Dusty Disks
-- Aurelien Crida & Elena Lega: Does classical Type II planetary migration still exist?
-- Clément Robert: Observing through a simulation : beautiful -fake- images of giant vortices in disks
- 12:00 discussion on protoplanetary discs and planet formation
- 12:30 lunch

19 March Afternoon: architecture and chemical composition of planetary systems

- 14:00 review B. Bitsch: Architecture and Composition of planets in observations and theory
- 14:45-15:15 short 10 min talks
-- Seth Jacobson: Making the terrestrial planets
-- Åke Nordlund: Early, hot accretion of rocky planets
-- Michiel Lambrechts: Straightaway Runaway - gas accretion onto giant planets
- 15:15 coffee
- 15:45-17:30 short 10 min talks
-- Matthäus Schulik: Gas giant accretion: Old mysteries, warmed up
-- Yuri Fujii: Radiation Hydrodynamic Simulations of the Formation of Circumplanetary Disks
-- Thomas Ronnet: Late stage accretion of solids by Giant planets: relationship with moon formation
-- Beibei Liu: formation of planets around stars of different masses
-- Linn Eriksson: Pebble drift and planetesimal formation in protoplanetary discs with planets
-- Simona Pirani: The early migration of Jupiter
-- Gabriele Pichierri: The onset of instability in resonant chains
-- Hans Rickman: Planet formation in stellar clusters
- 17:30-18:00 discussion on architecture and composition
- 18:00-19:00 discussion groups meet up
- 19:00 dinner

Wednesday Morning: presentations from discussion groups

- 09:00 discussion-group presentation prep
- 10:15 coffee
- 10:45 4 discussion-group presentations of ~15 min each
- 12:15 practical info on afternoon hike
- 12:30 lunch

Wednesday Afternoon: hike

- 14:00 hike
- 19:00 dinner